Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Its the little things in life...

Since the last post back in May much has changed! I have moved house and am now living back in England, and for the first time in my life I have a house that is partners and mine. No flatmates, no family, no random tenants, just us. (Not that all flatmates and family have been bad to live with mind you, but I think I am now at a time in my life where the freedom and privacy of my own home is needed.) It's also a surprising home as we are now living in a much cheaper area of the country we have a whole 2up 2down house to ourselves. Which means also for the first time a study that is separate to the bedroom and a craft room that is separate to the living room! :) We have a teeny tiny kitchen to make up for it though. :P But I love my new house and can't get enough of the organised space and the 'just the right size' garden right now. :)

It does also mean that for the first time I have been able to properly display my Dreamstone collection:
Mostly Dreamstone, it seemed only fitting that NiGHTS went there too. :)
Now those that know me know that The Dreamstone has been an important influence in my life for many years, and most of the collection has been built up thanks to the like of eBay, second hand shops and presents from family and friends. The show is a cartoon from the 90's but something about it stuck with me, and even to this day I cannot quite fathom why it did, but I enjoy being a geek about it. (Although I think I maybe the only one left who is this much of a geek about it. Which reminds me I really need to add most of this stuff to the Wiki soon!) :)

Also this month it is the birthday of someone close to me, I have known her for over twenty years and we grew up together. Our lives have led us to live in different cities for most of our friendship, and there are times when we don't seem to catch up for months, once even a couple of years, however each time we meet it is like no time has passed. :) However this birthday, like many for the past several years, I am still a student (I start my post-grad in Sep) so I don't have the funds to get the gifts I would really like to give. But as recent events in her life have led to busy and hectic times I wanted to do something to show I cared. So what better than to make something?

The start, picking out beads and working out the pattern.
The finished necklace.
It's not much and I hope she likes it, we used to make things like this for each other all the time when we were younger. In fact I still have and still wear a necklace similar to this one (but in blue) that she made me so many years ago I don't remember not having it. :)

As small as this is for an important birthday I do think it's the little things that count. Simple signs of affection for a friend, the ability to display something that you love and the ability to have a fresh start in a new city. A fresh start that certainly provides an interesting perspective on things. As it's the little things that add up to big things, good and bad, and after moving yet again I realised how much I have been carrying around with me. (Both physical and metaphysical!) So little by little I have let some things go, and it has been liberating, and little by little I try to concentrate more on what matters to me, and not get distracted by the little things of little consequence anymore.