Monday, 24 December 2012

My Year in a Nutshell

The year has been a very rough year for me, both personally and with the situations of my family and friends, for the most part I can't wait for it to be over and to start the new one. My brain goes fuzzy just trying to think about what happened this year as it has all rolled into a ball of cancer, births, deaths, MRI's, financial issues, stress, University issues, arthritis, labrynthitis, lost jobs, job rejections, fire doors, travel, needless expenditure on those that don't appreciate it, family arguments and constant concerns for the future. (Note that is not all me obviously, but a mixture of me and those around me.)

I have not blogged as much as I would have liked, partly due to the lack of time and stress from the situations mentioned above. However it has not all been doom and gloom this year, so I write this re-cap of the highlights and the times that have made me the most happy this year. :D

Visiting my friend Naomi in Oxford and taking part in the Artist Meet and seeing the wonderful museums there, and afterwards an awesome cocktail party in which I developed a very fruity not sure what it was but to easy to drink cocktail. :)

Museum of Science - Oxford
Another visit to Oxford, this time organised by the University, and a chance to spend the day in the Museums again. I can highly recommend visiting as many times as possible as there is always something you missed or new to see.

Museum of Natural History - Oxford
Spending time with Lynn and getting to know her new dog Poppy, an adorable creature that has very cat like qualities.
Poppy the Puppy
Spending time with Kyle and Hetty during the Easter holidays, a time where the best every Irish Cream and Chocolate mousse was created by Hetty, the huge Steak and Kidney pie was cooked by Kyle and fun was had by all with Lego Pictionary, wine and modelling clay. :D
Mmm chocolate mousse. :P
My birthday, a nice quiet day with gorgeous food and fun silly presents, such as a model of Kathryn Janeway and a Sylvanian Tardis. :) (Also finishing the second year project!) An witnessing the Olympic Torch coming through town on a very nice sunny day that was then spent in the park with ice-creams. :)
Mmm ice cream and sunny parks....
The Jubilee, I was in London staying with Angie for this, and even though I normally wouldn't have gone to London for this it was a happy accident. A very fun night was had in the centre of the city with a flat full of Australians, lots of Jubilee themed decorations and some dancing in the rain in the small hours of the morning.
Me and Angie (slightly tipsy!)
My sister's graduation from Bath University! She misread her results and thought she only got a 2:1, turned out she had a 1st! :) It was a great day to spend with all the family, not something that happens often. I am so proud of her for working so hard for so long and happy to be able to take part in celebrating that.
My sister in her gown with the city of Bath in the background.
A quiet holiday before the third year starts, so I got to visit my Mum, step-Dad and brother. A sunny few days where we rescued a hedgehog, went swimming and went to the movies together. Felt just like the summer holidays of my childhood again. :)
Found by the road and taken to the Hedgehog Shelter.
Another visit to London to see Angie where we decided to take a stroll down the Thames, visit the Science Museum and chat late into the night. I also enjoyed the Women's in Game Jobs Conference where I got to meet up with Naomi and meet some inspirational people in the industry.
London in the evening.
A gaming month, I got to play the new versions of Jet Set Radio and NiGHTS as they were released on the PSN. But more importantly this is the month of GameCity, the best and most wonderful festival of the year! Seeing friends such as Rob and Elsa and getting to meet and hang out with some of the most talented an inspirational people in the industry. The highlight of my year as it was also my first proper holiday away with my partner. :)
Nottingham from the hotel room.
This is when I had to say goodbye to Pebbles, my dear cat who was part of the family for sixteen years. :(
On a happier note though I went to an open day in Birmingham to learn more about their MSc course in Game Production, it was all rather positive so it looks like my time in education is not over with yet.
Pebbles from May this year.
Making stockings for the younger kids in the family has been a lot of fun. :) Otherwise it's a month that has gone by so quickly, but a time where I am enjoying a nice quiet Christmas and looking forward to seeing close friends for New Years. :)
What started as a plain red stocking I made into a custom dinosaur themed one. :)

So that was the year in a nutshell, only a small fraction of the ups and downs this year, but these are the ups that have made the year worth it. (Aside from Pebbles, but I am grateful to have had the time I did with her as she lived a year longer than the vet expected!) So farewell 2012, you were a busy and stressful year and I haven't even finished my Dissertation yet! :)

Here's to 2013, a new year and new starts, I hope everyone has a good New Years Eve/Day and I look forward to seeing friends and family at some point next year after I have come out of third year university hibernation. :)