Friday, 16 September 2011

DIY and Business Cards

Well it's now September...I have to admit that I am not sure how it got to this month. I feel like it has been a rather fuzzy year. (Might have something to with wishing most of it away due to the housemate from hell though...)

However things are looking up in regards to the house we now have a house full of people that all get on and it's turned into a nice happy house share. Not what I originally thought would happen when moving back here for Uni, but things rarely go to plan really. It has also meant that the other half has been having fun with some male company about and has been tackling one DIY project after another. (Doing a much better job of it than say my Dad has ever managed in his house - something about a hole in the wall and washing machines, I gather my soon-to-be step-mum was not happy with the results.)

At present however the men of the house are currently installing a new worktop in the upstairs kitchen, something that hasn't been done since the seventies by the looks of the d├ęcor. Meanwhile the girls are either out or getting ready to go out by the sounds of it. Not something I have done for a while as I have been trying to get on with work. Most of the time this has involved getting frustrated with the lack of software knowledge or annoyance as social media. (Depending on whether I am going Uni work or paid work.) Yet I suppose it is all a learning experience, a continual one at that due to the speed in which technology and the web are evolving. (Yet that is another post topic entirely really!)

I am however happy to have found this:

It's like having a business card online and has solved the issue I was having with creating a paper business cards and the ever evolving Google Plus/Profile page. I have been agonising over creating a design for use on some cards for the past couple of days. Of course I had some great ones in my head but was having that frustration with software packages in realising them! :) Also when I finally got to a design I liked I found that trying to decide what links went on it was tricky. Not only is there the issue of having many places on the net where there are profiles, blogs, updates etc there is also the problem of trying to fit most of that onto the card anyway. For a while now I have been using the Google Profile page as a sort of splash page and a way to collect together all those links on the net. However the introduction of Google+ has ironically changed that. There is no direct link to the About Me page now, well there is but it's not done through your profile name yet. That and the system is still in beta so things are changing a lot and I am not always sure what is visible to non-Google+ users.

So the solution came to me while just randomly searching for business card ideas, I remember seeing something about this service years ago. Probably when I was looking into promoting myself at college, now I come to think of it. So I found this site:, which is just what I was looking for, a splash page that I can add links to everything else to. (Owned by AOL - always did wonder what happened to them.) Also while I was going through the set up with the intention of using Google URL Shortener to create a QR code for the page to go to. However while setting up my profile I was given an offer to have some cards using the page for free (as long as I had an advert for on the card.) This also produced a QR code that will go to the About.Me page as well as let me edit the other details that are on the back. 

Now I don't have my own design on there, and I also don't have a job title or description as such. As I don't really have either at the moment - job title is hard to sum up and as for the other I didn't want to put student on there. So I thought just keep it simple just so I had something to hand out to people if need be. Have also ordered the Recycled paper for the cards which makes them easy to write on if need be. Overall a bit of a bargain really and when I have a job title/description or for use in my end of year show I shall be heading over to to buy some cards. :)

So I may not have had the most productive of days, but the evening has been spent learning a lot more, getting details for the gas boiler that will hopefully get installed before the first snowfall of the year! :)