Thursday, 4 August 2011

Cleaning and Moving

It appears that a summer cannot go by without a vast amount of cleaning and the moving of furniture for me. Thankfully I have not moved house this time, although I came close to needing to thanks to the tension in the house due to the bad apple of a tenant. Now this time the cleaning and moving was all done in the same house, and it was needed to get rid of the smell and muck that the bad tenant left. (We are still trying to fathom how things got as dirty as they did - but when you hear about the long string of 'interesting' tenants this house has had you start to understand why each carpet clean produces black water.)

So today was spent sorting out the upstairs of the house, a lot of work had been done already, but there was a lot to do to finalise it all. (It's still not all done, but it's close!)

One of us was on carpet washing duty, the other on tidying and I was on lets move stuff and generally straighten. (Well that and sort out yet more bedding I swear it is breeding in this house there are a total of four double mattresses with only two double bed frames - don't even ask about the amount of pillows and duvets that have accumulated. Although I can't help but notice that the nice new pillows have gone missing since the last person moved out.)

This is also after a day of taking off very old polystyrene tiling from the hall way - or what was left of it. Which mainly meant the remains of some wood-chip vinyl painted wallpaper, which is a DIY or craftsmen nightmare, and then try and not damage the horsehair plaster underneath. All while on a ladder as this is on the celling...

Poor Bod, the only man in the house at present, was the one up the ladder the day before and today was the one using the carpet cleaner. He is going to have very sore arms by the end of it!

At least though things are getting better and from now on we can look forward to a cleaner and calmer house! (Hopefully one with hot water and heating before winter starts - the boiler packed in a couple of weeks ago and the landlord doesn't have the money to fix it right now.)