Monday, 13 June 2011

Things Look a Little Different

Well it has been some time since I have posted. Have been distracted with Uni and many other things that have been happening in life. Always the way when exciting and interesting things are happening the time to blog about it seems very sparse.

Although I am pleasantly surprised by the re-arrange of the Blogger Dashboard. It has become a lot easier to read and use, looks rather swish if you ask me. :)

Anyway for now things are as hectic as usual with goings on in Uni, life and the universe and everything. To be honest I really would get concerned if and when nothing happens as the quiet life would seem so abnormal to me these days...

The good things at the moment though out weigh the the Doctor put it so well in 'Vincent and the Doctor'. (I have been re-watching the series recently.) So as long as my pile of good things always outweighs my pile of bad things then everything is okay. :)

Two good things at the moment is my finishing of my first year at Uni, with flying colours I might add, all units at grade A. (Suppose I did deservedly get that Learner of Year Award really...) I am also travelling around this week to see friends graduate shows too! Can't wait to see Angie's (having known her for 20+ years now) as I know it's going to be amazing.

Meanwhile I have a very busy summer ahead of me, with lots of things to do, yet I hope to get around to re-shuffling around here a bit and make things look prettier and also get some decent updates done. As always I think of the perfect post when I don't have the time nor equipment to post it. :)