Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Nice weather tends to bring out positivity...

Well the last Uni project was all handed in on time in the end...well with twenty minutes to spare at least. The overall design document was a little rushed in the end and don't get me started on the official dev diary for that project. My brain hasn't been up to the task of posting it all up in the right order recently. I am thinking of just uploading the whole thing as a word doc/pdf or splitting it up in weeks and then uploading it. It's a beast of a document over seventy pages! :)

Anyway today there is nice weather out and I am desperately wanting to get out into the garden to enjoy the sun and start on the massive job of clearing it...alas I am at my laptop with the windows wide open so as to enjoy the fresh air that way instead as I have a lot of work to always.

The new project started at Uni, and they appear to be setting a large task so as to weed out the last of the slackers in the class. It is an interesting one though - the final outcome is an animation but in the meantime where are mini week long projects that need doing. This week the idea is to create a character from one is an interesting one as I do have a small interest in typography, I just haven't had that many ideas yet, not ones that I would like to hand in anyway. Some of what the guys on the course have produced already has been really good. But I shall not talk about that here as it belongs over on the other blog! :)

I have also been having a bit of an admin day today, there has been much to sort out as I have had a lot to catch up on from what was a very stressful March that left me rather distracted.

My giant wipe-board is not only covered in project ideas at the moment but also a long To Do List as well, and every time I have the satisfaction of taking an item off the list another one appears! A lot of it at the moment is to do with the DSA grant I got through, lots of software and equipment to help study due to my Dyslexia. However it all needs installing and then learning - then I have to insure it all, get receipts validated to get the money back on things I've bought...a rather time consuming task really; one that I am currently tackling in small doses to be honest! :)

Yet right now the task I am putting off the most is sorting out the Uni blog, as it really needs doing before I start posting about the new project and I am really in over my head when it comes to catching up! :)