Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Busy Times

Ah okay so I have not posted in a while, I believe I have a few drafts that I need to publish, so there might be some catching up to do. :)

However for now I just wanted to post a quick update:

I am moving in exactly a week, so have been caught up with all the organisation and work that it requires. I am still looking forward to it, however I am getting slightly sad to leave all my friends behind. However as I said last night I don't want to hear 'goodbye' just 'see you later' as it's not like I'm leaving and never coming back! :)

Anyway I have been up to a lot the past month one of the highlights of which was a visit to the Bluebell Railway. Here is a quick look at the photo's from that day:

It was an amazing day and I would love to go back again in the summer if I get the chance. As it would be nice to take my little brother with me next time. :)

I shall have to write a proper post about that day when I get the chance. Which will most likely be on the many four hour train journeys that await me in the summer. For now though I have to finish packing and hope that all my things will actually fit into the removal van!