Sunday, 21 March 2010

New Zealand - Two Years Ago

Okay so I have just figured out why I have been looking over and organising the photo's from New Zealand and uploading them onto Picasa, it was almost two years ago to the day that I was over there. It feels like no time at all has passed, yet at the same time it feel like a lifetime, it has been a very busy and eventful two years.

I still want to be back there, and I intend to go as soon I have finished my degree (as I can't go during - unless I take a year out to work over that is an idea!) However to be realistic I wish to go over there when I graduate as I don't want to leave it another ten years until I go back there again. (I went there as a child as my half-brothers Dad is from Auckland.)

It is odd how some of the people that live in New Zealand want to leave like my brothers Dad and yet me, my Mum and Nicola all want to go there. I guess some people don't want to stay where they grew up, or just like a change of scenery. (Seeing as New Zealand has the prettiest scenery in my opinion no wonder I want to go there - it's probably what makes winters more depressing seeing all the ads on telly for the beautiful country!) :)

Anyway I have now uploaded a few more New Zealand albums to Picasa, I really wish I had taken more photo's alas the camera was on loan and I didn't have a big enough memory card. The last time I was there all the photo's were on film, so I would have to scan that lot in, and that in and that takes a lot of time... :)

Meanwhile here is a sample of the photo's from Devonport and the trip up to the top of North Head. After getting the photo's up I shall get the travel journal typed up, that way I have a digital and a paper copy of that wonderful trip.

However now I need to actually get up and do something productive today, just sat and had a good chat with Nicola thanks to the wonders of Skype, she has gone to bed to get up early tomorrow to be proactive (different time zones) I should follow her lead. (The being proactive not the going to bed, as it's three in the afternoon for me!)

Saturday, 20 March 2010


The project work of my choosing has not quite happened as for some reason I found myself organising my New Zealand photo's and getting them up on Picasa while listening to Shapeshifter, although I suppose this is one of the projects I have been meaning to do for a while. I have wanted to type up my travel journal and upload the photos to the realm of internet for a while. Not for anyone in particular to look at, just so that the record of my most dearest trip is recorded other than on my computer hard drive. :)

I also like using Google features to show where I was and where the photo's were taken, mainly for my reference say for when I take my fiancé over there and I can show him where I went and my favourite places, but for anyone else that wants to take a peak and go were we (me and Nicola) went. I am also, I have to admit, playing to my over organising side with it all as I already trialled putting up the walks in the snow and the trip to Bath on Picasa and Google Maps and found it quite fun in my organising way, so doing the same for the trip to New Zealand is therapeutic and also reminds me what I am working for. (A chance to visit again or live over there.)

However it has now chewed up a rather large chunk of the evening and I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone, for now I must sleep it is getting quite late. Actual work will need to be done tomorrow as I have things that need to be done for the choices I have to make about my career and my immediate future.

Interesting Times

There is a quote that is said to be a curse, the origins of which are disputed, however it is said that to wish ill on someone you should wish 'May You Live in Interesting Times'. It is one such phrase that me and my fiancé agree we must have become burdened with from a previous life. Although you could also argue that life is never simple and no matter what there is always something going on. Also to be honest I would be perfectly bored if there was nothing going on, however it would be nice to have some quiet time every now and then. :)

This week has yet again been a cumulation of too many things happening all at once...

I sprained my ankle rather badly while out with my flatmate, hobbled home by myself and put ice on it, but at the time I knew that it was going to hurt. Which it did and has done for the last spare all the details it has been a rather stressful week. Between the tooth infection, tummy upset, antibiotics, sinus infection, depression, family fires, coursework stress, important decisions and of course the now yellow and blue ankle I feel that interesting times doesn't even begin to describe my life at times.

I was looking forward to a week of finishing off coursework and looking forward to the Easter holidays where I could work on projects I actually enjoy. :)

It has taken a week for my body and mind to overcome everything, and I fear that I cannot remember most of the week... I have learned one thing though, a hot bath can do wonders when you have aches and pains and a fuzzy head. Good talks with family and friends also help, and the support of a wonderful fiancé is something I never want to be without.

I have however not got any coursework handed in, having not finished any of it, however I have a lot of thinking and decisions to make on that front. I need to re-evaluate where I need to be to get to where I want to be. Choices that need to be made that may not be easy ones...

However today is not the day to dwell on such matters, a nice meal has been had courtesy of the flat mates, and a good long chat with my best friend of twenty years has been had, and I now feel better than I have done all week. I am now spread out inside the music bubble listening to Sub Focus' new album and getting on with some project work of my choosing. As next week is going to involve a lot of talking to various people at Uni with one thing and another.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Gaming and The Internet

So this evening I have been very bad and have been staying up till near 4am in the morning watching an internet series about internet gaming.

This is what I have been watching from episode one to the most recent release: The Guild. I've encountered in passing a few times, one of my geeky friends cosplayed the main character, but I didn't really look too much into it, at first I thought it was just another one of those Flash MMO games. How wrong could I be, my sort of gaming friend showed me the video 'Do you want to date my Avatar?' yesterday and suggested I watch the series. I did, all of it just now in one go. I now desperately want to see the next season I hope it's on it's way! :)

However it did get me thinking, as I haven't really played any internet games since I didn't have the internet. Me and my geeky friends used to play Guild Wars, as couldn't afford the net I used to join people in my local internet cafe to play. We would get Chinese food, snack on Oreo cookies and play until closing, so there would be a good 3-4 hours after work of gaming. However I soon realised that without that 'dedicated' time as it were for playing I soon stopped and haven't really gone back to in since. Tried World of Warcraft, didn't really get into it although I loved my character and the sense of humour in the game. I guess I maybe a bit bad at sticking to the one game, I tend to have many on the go at once, and with everything else I like to do and have to do yet another 'obligation' of playing an online game enough to make it worth while doesn't appear to interest me as much. Which I find slightly odd as I was a little different as a teenager and was addicted to an online game that was text based, yet I suppose I had no other gaming outlets at the time.

I think I also feel that I missed out the internet explosion a little, I was one of the first people to get access at home when I was at school, a fair amount of time ago now, and I felt quite privileged to have it. Now the internet is everywhere, and for all the good it does and can do there is also such a dark undertone and negative stereotypes that surround it. I guess my lacking of enthusiasm might also go back to when I was a teenager, I was addicted to the internet back then along with a particular internet game, mainly due to the social side of it as I didn't have much of a social life in the 'real world' back then. I guess in the back of my mind is the thought that I put too much time and effort into something that, at the end of the day was important and fun to me then, but is not something I want to be shouting from the roof tops about today. 

At the end of the day I just don't like the idea of getting caught in that trap again and not putting effort into areas of my life that will hopefully lead to something a little more worthwhile, by which I mean the means to provide myself with a roof over my head and the ability to travel. :) That and as odd as this sounds I feel that I just don't fit in with the internet culture, not in a I'm too old for it way, but the same way that I don't feel that I fit into the music scene associated with the music I like, or the cosplay scene, I am a geek that feels out of place around other geeks! :) Either that or I am just interested in to many vastly different things that I always like jumping between each one as I have developed a magpie like nature and am easily distracted. That and I have to admit I feel guilty for spending time with one hobby/interest as I am neglecting the many others I appear to have. At the end of the day there is an overruling part of me that doesn't like to get caught up in these online games and the often fake social worlds that come with it. I have seen it first hand with a friend of mine, they can't function in the real world with real people any more as all their social interaction is done and has been learned from by staring at a computer screen, and that just doesn't seem healthy.