Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Trip to Bath

So this weekend just gone I decided to up and go to Bath to visit my sister. I forgot how good impromptu journeys were, it has been a while since I have done one. There is also something to be said about a long train journey to focus the mind when you have lots to do.

Saturday was spent wondering around Bath, and being shown the sights by my sister, and I have to say I quite like the city.

The photo's sort of abruptly stop during the walk around the Abbey as we got distracted by the shops. (Which according to New Look's window displays there are 1000 to choose from in the city.)

The Sunday was then spent chilling out in the cleanest student house I have ever seen, and trying to get some work done and also catching up on things.

Monday was spent on the train, or more accurately on a very cold platform for a fair bit of due to a few flakes of snow on the tracks causing disruptions with the trains.

However the train journey was quite a good one, especially after the experience on the journey up there, where sardines would have had more room. After changing at Southampton for the long stopping journey back I managed to get a table, and get out the laptop and get a head start of some of my work that had been piling up. During the long journey I had one of those wonderful 'Eureka' moments with this annoying piece of written work that I had been struggling with.

When I got back home a long while after originally expected I did a quick trip to the post office to pick up some missing Ebay parcels. Two puzzles produced by Waddingtons based on scenes from the Dreamstone. What was odd though was the fact that they were still factory wrapped, complete with price ticket! (£2.95 for reference) I however picked them up for 99p, and intended to open them up and actually put them together as they are puzzles after all. :)