Sunday, 10 January 2010

A new year a new decade...

Well then it's now a new decade and the start of the century is now behind us. There was certainly enough reminders on TV about how it's the end of an era type thing. It certainly made me think how much has changed and how much has happened in the last ten years, in some respects it has gone by really slowly, but at the same time I could have sworn that it was only yesterday that I was celebrating the millennium with my best friend of now twenty years. The perception of time is a funny old thing. :)

My sister came down over Christmas, as it was going to a quiet one for us for a change, however she stayed for a bit longer than expected, what with the unpredictable weather and random bank holidays. I was still a fair bit ill during her stay and therefore this Christmas was a bit of a blur, at least it wasn't the stress filled blur of working in a busy retail shop during this period. :)

To re-cap what I do remember though was a very nice Christmas dinner cooked by my partner and lots of lounging in front of the television, I then felt that I must have slept for a week before New Years, as we'd decided to have a small gathering in the flat again this year. (A lot more enjoyable that the busy and expensive town centre.) We got in nibbles and a rather large amount of alcohol, most of which was consumed on the night thanks to some interesting drinking games. However the highlight of New Year was a surprise proposal....

Bod asked me to marry him, we were a little tipsy, and he hadn't planned to ask there and then, he'd been asking randomly every now and then the past few months and I withheld my answer until now. He was hoping that he could propose on the Bluebell Railway in March, as he knew that it would make me melt even more. :) Yet as things turn out we got engaged on the New Year and happily told all our family and friends there and then, yet some repeating of the news was required the next day due to the alcohol consumption by all. :D

As such I have been rather distracted this past few weeks, I'm thinking clearly for the first time in weeks though as I have now also left work, and actually rested properly. I feel that I have got back my 'get up and go' attitude that got up and left without me at the end of last year, yet it appears to have slightly bad timing as snow covers all right now. :)

2010 Snow in the South
I have to say that I do almost prefer the way things looks in the snow, but I think that maybe the novelty of it still, and also the challenge of traversing it without falling over. :)

Anyway I and many others are now waiting for the country to thaw out a little as many things are severely disrupted. Flight and trains are the main concern in my household at the moment as I would like to return to Uni at some point and my flatmate is due to fly out to Norway on a Uni trip soon. So as pretty as it all maybe we are wishing for things to return to normal.