Thursday, 26 November 2009

EuroGamer Expo Nov 2009

So a week after the MCM Expo in London I went to the EuroGamer Expo with my other half and our talented friend from college.

We went up to play some of the new games, and to see some people from the industry, with Media Molecule there for Friday and Relentless we had a few people to drop in on as they came to our end of year show at college a few months ago. :)

The highlights of the show were getting my little Sackboy statue and chatting to the lovely people from Media Molecule and Relentless. We also managed to make it onto the website while playing the rather brilliant Blue Toad Murder Files, not the best shot ever, but the game was good fun and a definite download on the 17th of Dec. :)

Other than that the day was a rather relaxed affair, very different from last year when we were bouncing around stalls promoting the college course and talking to every company we could. We also were quite happy to hang around for most of the day as there was a lot more to see this year, however it was rather busy and meant that some games just had too big a crowd to get to see.

Overall though the majority of the games were all of a high quality and polish even if they all started to look very similar in subject matter after a while. The two games I most regret not getting a go on was Split Second as it looked very good and quite a refreshing change in the racing genre, and the controversial Heavy Rain would have been nice to sit and try so I can make up my own mind about it.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

MCM Expo at the London ExCel Centre

So what else have I been up to other than drowning in Java code at Uni? I did take some time out to go the the regular geekfest that is the MCM Expo in London, which as always is at the same time as my sister's birthday. (Which is also my brothers birthday, one day I need to work out the probability of half siblings being born on the same day eleven years apart.) This year it was a pretty special occasion as it was my brother's 10th and my sister's 21st. So for my brother we took him around the sites in London (where he was born) and then for my sister she got to spend the weekend with friends dressing up and generally being silly.

She was dressed as Princess Zelda from Twilight Princess on the Wii, she really suits the character and managed to make the whole costume around her physics degree. As she spent so long on the costume she decided to enter the Masquerade (the cosplay competition at the event), after she submitted her form I added on an extra instruction to her introduction. All I asked was them to mention that it was her birthday as they annouced her name. This is what happened instead...

She was a little surprised and was not particularity impressed with me, but I think she was somewhat chuffed to have around 800 people singing her "Happy Birthday". :D

Most of the event I was unlucky to have a rather nasty sinus infection throughout so did not get to go around my haunts in London as I would have liked, just wanted to ensure brother and sister had a good weekend.

I did however seem to end up with my other half catching the costume bug, and we're now making props and coming up with costumes for the next event. Which happens to be in May around my birthday, however I also have exams then, so I may have to skip that one this year. :( It was also a shame that Video Games Live didn't make it to London this year as it would have been nice to go again, but alas London, as it is for most, was too expensive a place to put on a show this time around. Well fingers crossed for next year....