Sunday, 23 September 2012

Trying on a new template...

After having some issues with the 'older' templates on Blogger I thought I would try out the 'Dynamic' themes that appeared. After much tweaking I have something that I am sort of happy with, as long as it's viewed with the 'Sidebar' theme.

This all stemmed from lots of things being misaligned in the old theme, no matter much much I tweaked the HTML. It appears that I really do need to catch up again with all this stuff as I feel out of my depth again, not really that needed for career, but it would be a nice bonus.

Anyway here is a screenshot of the blog as I see it, I hope that it appears like this elsewhere also:

I would like to get rid of the search box at the top and I would like to add the 'Recent Tweets' and 'Profile' section on the side back, but for now I am leaving it as it is. Mainly as this is a form of procrastination from the large amount of Dissertation work I have to do. But enough, as it is currently defeating the whole purpose of the blog, which is to encourage me to get away from the screen more often! :)