Sunday, 23 September 2012

Trying on a new template...

After having some issues with the 'older' templates on Blogger I thought I would try out the 'Dynamic' themes that appeared. After much tweaking I have something that I am sort of happy with, as long as it's viewed with the 'Sidebar' theme.

This all stemmed from lots of things being misaligned in the old theme, no matter much much I tweaked the HTML. It appears that I really do need to catch up again with all this stuff as I feel out of my depth again, not really that needed for career, but it would be a nice bonus.

Anyway here is a screenshot of the blog as I see it, I hope that it appears like this elsewhere also:

I would like to get rid of the search box at the top and I would like to add the 'Recent Tweets' and 'Profile' section on the side back, but for now I am leaving it as it is. Mainly as this is a form of procrastination from the large amount of Dissertation work I have to do. But enough, as it is currently defeating the whole purpose of the blog, which is to encourage me to get away from the screen more often! :)

Friday, 7 September 2012

The little things...

Sometimes it is just the little things that add to the decor or it's a little project that just helps you get away from the computer screen for a while. In this case it is also related to the namesake of this bog. :)

For my birthday a while back I got given a small bunch of faux bluebells from someone special. As bluebells are my birth flower and my favourite flower it was a nice little addition to the other gifts that year. For a while my Zora Tunic Link statue has been looking after them, but then this birthday I got given a rather nice reed diffuser that came in the sweetest little blue bottle with a little dragonfly attached. Once the oils had run out I washed it out and decided that I wanted to use it for something...

Staring at my shelf of figurines I realised that it was about time to relive Zora Link of his burden...

To get the 'flowers' to stand up was similar to the ship in a bottle conundrum. I had to cut the wire stems down to size, and after unravelling them they would make a good stand, but I needed to splay them on the bottom of the bottle and then get the whole thing to stay stable. Splaying the stems in the bottle was easy, just some force required to do so, to get it all to stay in the same place was another matter. Blue-tac etc didn't stick too well and the top heavy nature of the flowers pulled it over, as the stem of the bottle wasn't quite thick enough to hold the bunch up. The bottle is not fully opaque either to the wire from the stems was visible.

That when I had the idea of using the blue glass droplets, I used to collect them when I was a kid - having recently found them during a clear out it seemed the perfect solution. However the bottle neck, living up to it's saying, was too thin this time. Only a small selection of the droplets would fit through and none would go through while the bluebell stems were also in there. So it became a balancing act of adding enough droplets to cover most of the base, then feeding some more next to the thin end of the stems, then pushing the stems down through the droplets and hoping that they would still splay out to provide the stand for the flowers.

After some shaking, poking and prodding it worked, a nice quick little job using things I had around to create a little stand for my year round flowers and reusing my pretty little bottle. It's these kind of projects I like, spur of the moment ideas that give use to otherwise disposable items. :)

Otherwise life has been really busy recently and I have had little time to work on my else other than my dissertation, but as the autumn approaches my breaks from writing will be spent more on crafts I think, as at the moment the nice weather is too good to ignore and stay indoors. :D